Epic Games Store Admits After 5 Years Still Unprofitable

By Todd Russell Dec11,2023

Straight from the cold shores of the Captain Obvious beach comes …

If you were saying, “It must be all those free games” that makes Epic Games Store (https://store.epicgames.com/) at least partly responsible for being unprofitable some five years after launch in 2018, then you’d be correct. At least according to this: Epic Games says its titular store remains unprofitable:

During the 2021 trial between Epic and Apple, it was revealed the former paid nearly $12 million for about a year’s worth of free games. That amount has likely grown in the last two years as games have become more expensive to make and timed, platform-specific exclusivity has become more common for third-party developers

Now, the next most obvious question is how many of all these free games you got from the Epic Games Store that you’ve played? On a percentage basis, 10% or less? 25%? All? None? We’ll wait in the comments area for your answer.

UPDATE 12/31/2023 @2:50pm PST: Gamerant has been keeping track of Every Free Game Released On The Epic Games Store (gamerant.com) — it’s a pretty massive list, and they’ve got links to prior years as well.

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