16′ Alienware Keyboard and Giant Mouse Used By DOTA Team

By Todd Russell Dec10,2023

The spacebar weighs almost 20 pounds?! By the time this is published here it will be older news, but still thought this was cool and wanted to pass along.

lol, good old Alienware. It takes their passion to do this something like this:

Alienware recently crafted a monstrous 16-foot-long fully-functional mechanical keyboard and mouse, and to demonstrate its functionality, they even had a professional eSports team play a few competitive DOTA 2 matches with the behemoth, with all five members required to operate the setup.

Kinda makes me want to play DOTA, along with the DOTA team:

I mean, the whole idea of playing a game with some ridiculous-sized controllers is fascinating. Just changing the controller period is something to consider.

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