Dungeons & Dragons Animated TV Series Finale Episode Fan-Made is … WOW – shared by Hollywood Polo

By Todd Russell Jul25,2023

A good friend of mine, fellow PGM member, and co-host of Tuesday’s High Noon with Hollywood Polo show (Noon PST, GMT-8) sends me all kinds of stuff all the time to check out. Most of it is game-related. The following is a fan-made finale episode for the classic animated TV show Dungeons & Dragons by Ryan Nead and Marshall Hubbard. Originally posted in 2020. Get your Saturday morning cartoon cereal ready.

We already own the complete series on DVD already, the Best Buy exclusive version pictured above (which some are selling new in box for hundreds on eBay), and it’s been years since I last viewed it and was excited to see what this ardent fan-made episode was like. Two words to go with the all caps exclamation in the title.

Oh my!

And want to know the behind the video details? Then check out this podcast:

Check this out and let us know what you think. It’s received three quarters of a million views on YouTube and counting as of this writing and heaps of praise. I keep saying I’m going to get back into playing D&D again, as it’s been too long since I last rolled the dice and entered any campaign, but have always enjoyed playing that game. Also played the western Boot Hill, sci-fi Gamma World and some others. Of course there are tons of MMORPGs online, but there is something special about playing the original game and using the imagination.

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