Casino Players Card Advantage Groups Taking Advantage of 90 Day Promotion Cycles

By Todd Russell May25,2024

It’s not often the house is taken advantage of, literally, in casinos, but it’s happening out there in a curious place: player’s card advantage programs.

For those reading not familiar, casinos offer these player cards that you can put inside slot machines, video poker and use at the table games. These cards track your play and casinos use this tracked play to offer complimentary offers: free food, hotel stays, tickets to concerts, free play and, sometimes, outright cash offers.

“Slot advantage play has been a big deal over the last few years,” Hoke said. “A lot of the older card counters have transitioned into that. They are opening multiple accounts and getting enrolled into the direct mail program of the casinos so they can get their free play. They come in, and play to a certain level and get the free play coming in and they don’t play again until the next cycle kicks back in about 90 days later. There’s syndicates all over the United States that are making tons of money doing this type of activity. It’s way worse today than it’s ever been.

Security expert says slot advantage play costing casino industry tens of millions nationwide — CDC Gaming Reports

Gaming the player card programs, it seems. I want to feel sorry for the business, but it’s tough to pity any casino, that preys on the weaknesses of its customers. Bright lights, glitz, loud music, free flowing drinks, it’s an atmosphere ripe for excess.

2023 was a terrible year for us gambling, so we’re on a break for (most/some/all?) of 2024. We haven’t gone to a casino yet in 2024 (Ed. as of this writing, by publishing we have), in fact, where normally we go a few times a month at least. We’ll almost certainly be back at some point in the future, but in the meantime chasing other games — pinball, arcade, PC gaming, etc — much less expensive games if we look at last year as a guide.

We enjoy checking out the newest slot and keno machines, but the allure wears off pretty fast, unless we’re winning. And when you’re on a super hot streak, it’s a rush, no doubt.

The best way to win, however, is not to gamble at all. I know, probably not the advice readers are looking for on a gaming site, and not preaching, if you enjoy it, go for it. We’ve found over 30+ years of gambling here and there and sometimes everywhere, that taking breaks from time to time keeps it enjoyable.

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