After Anstream Arcade, Will Warner Brothers License with Another Cloud Streaming Service? If so, who?

By Todd Russell Jan14,2024

My subscription to Antstream Arcade ended 1/11/2024 and chose — at least for the time being — not to renew. Those Midway titles were important to me. The service still has hundreds of other arcade games to stream.

With smoke far from blowing over from Antstream Arcade Losing Warner Brother / Midway License I asked myself what about one of the other cloud gaming services out there? There’s Apple TV that Warner Brothers could buddy up that sweet retro license with, Amazon Luna (unlikely, they recently cut employees in the gaming division), PlayStation+ (would be cool, but doubtful), GeForce Now (doesn’t quite fit) and a host of also rans.

One of those also-rans, thus extremely unlikely, currently powers the Samsung Gaming Hub: Blacknut (

Blacknut boasts over 500 games that can be streamed from TV, PC and/or mobile with no downloads and their library looks a little more like Amazon’s Luna and Apple than Antstream, but for the hefty monthly charge — $15.99/month — one would think they’d have more scratch to offer Warner Brothers than Antstream.

There is an arcade category on Blacknut, but their retrogaming category would seem to fit the classic arcade game category of the Midway titles like Mortal Kombat, Defender, Robotron and so on.

During research, of which I didn’t subscribe to the awfully named Blacknut service, I found reviews from others complaining about theF poor quality of the streaming. Enough to spook me away from dropping 16 bucks to test it out, myself.

Where do you think these 27 Warner Brothers/Midway games will appear next? Return to Antstream somewhere down the line? Antstream did say they would try to work out a deal to have these games return. Feel free to use the comments area below with where you think these games mind end up in the future?

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