$3,000 Lenovo 3D Without Glasses 27″ 4K Monitor

By Todd Russell Sep18,2023

No hyperbole, that really is the price of this 27″ Lenovo monitor which promises 3D without glasses via Ars Technica:

Wondering how this is accomplished without VR goggles or special glasses?

Like other glasses-less 3D screens, the ThinkVision works by projecting two different images to each of your eyes, resulting in a 3D effect where, as PR images would have you believe, it appears that the images are popping out of the screen. Lenovo says the monitor’s 3D resolution is 1920×2160. The lenticular lens in the monitor is switchable, allowing for normal, 2D viewing at 3840×2160, too.

What do you think of this tech for gaming? Surely, the prices need to come down, and they will, but this might be something to watch for those that don’t like doing 3D with goggles and glasses.

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