When will Warner Bros. Wonder Woman game from Monolith be released?

By Todd Russell Mar23,2024

Is it wrong wanting to see a good Wonder Woman game?

I mean, we had a great first movie with Gal Gadot, which reminded me of the awesome Lynda Carter Wonder Woman TV series, then a not so good sequel. Now, we’re supposed to be getting a third movie.

But what about a good Wonder Woman game?

Some bread crumbs from this article: Wonder Woman Is a Single Player Game Not Designed for Live Service, Says Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman is a single-player action-adventure game set in a dynamic open world. This third-person experience will allow players to become Diana of Themyscira and introduce an original story set in the DC Universe while also featuring the Nemesis System. Wonder Woman is not being designed as a live service.

The game was originally announced at The Game Awards 2021. In development at Monolith Productions, the studio behind 2014’s Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and 2017’s Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Wonder Woman will leverage the patented Nemesis System to allow players to ‘forge deep connections with both enemies and allies as they progress from a heroic fighter into a proven leader’.

Part of me is getting an “we will use AI generously” vibe from this description. Particularly the last part of the quote above and referencing the “patended Nemesis system” I mean, what is this Nemesis system anyway? Had to dig around on learn more on that.

Created by developers Monolith, the Nemesis system was first implemented in Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. It features an elaborate hierarchy system, enabling in-game enemies to seek revenge. Until now, the patent has been a deterrent of sorts, a legal scarecrow to fend off developers that might use a similar system.

Warner Bros Games’ FINALLY Gets The Nemesis System Patent (gamebyte.com)

So, this patent runs until 2035 and Monolith can or is licensing this out to other game developers? I don’t see what other games are using it. I have played Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor on Game Pass. It was an OK game, didn’t blow me away, but found it enjoyable for a short time. Can’t remember much in the way of unusual or unique enemy revenge in the game, but that’s probably a lack of not playing it long enough to notice, not a knock on the system.

So, who in this game would be seeking revenge against Wonder Woman? Certainly, plenty of DC enemies could line up to raise their hand for that dastardly deed.

Harley Quinn is my favorite female DC character these days, but I’m curious about this Wonder Woman game. If anybody reading knows more about this, please let us know in the comments.

Warner Bros. has promised investors plans to dig into more gaming in the coming years, due to the profit this segment of their portfolio is returning. In 2023, Mortal Kombat 1 sold well (REVIEW: Mortal Kombat 1 – After Beating Story Mode and Playing All Modes (No story spoilers)) and Harry Potter Hogwart’s Legacy was the bestselling game, with over 23 million copies sold.

Side curiosity: as of this writing, a search for “Wonder Woman” on Steam revealed DLC for the Hot Wheels game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1663520/HOT_WHEELS__Wonder_Woman/

Cool looking car, this on Steam might have to suffice for some (I rarely buy skins in games) until learning more or another comes out with Wonder Woman as a character.

DC Games have been a bit quiet in the 2000s, except for Gotham Knights released, which didn’t really land well.

First announced at the 2022 Game Awards, Monolith Productions’ Wonder Woman game has remained radio silent ever since. While it seems fairly unlikely at this point that Wonder Woman will release in 2024, it does seem probable that fans will get to see more about the game this year, likely during the swathe of June showcases, or all the way at the end of the year during the 2024 Game Awards.

What to Expect From DC Games in 2024 (gamerant.com)

Asking again: is it wrong to be so impatient to see a good Wonder Woman game? If you can recommend one, please use the comments to share.

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  1. Todd I didn’t think this gams has much appeal to me. Not even local coop, probably not much of a story mode either. Hard pas for me.

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