Venom Can Do Something No Other Pinball Has Done Before – Saves Your Progress Toward Wizard Mode

By Todd Russell Jul24,2023

Sure, let’s talk Venom.

Last week we covered Stern Insider Connected here: — it’s a really neat feature that, unfortunately, is not activated 100% of the time. Heck, within 10 miles of our house thare were over a dozen Stern Insider Connected capable machines, but only three of them are registered on the network as of a week ago. In one arcade, there were two machines with the Stern Insider Connected hardware implemented, but only one of them was registered on the network.

Before passing this off as whining, understand that Stern is really into this feature, adding even more value for fellow pinheads. Check out this Venom Interview to learn about one exciting new feature that’s never been done before.

From a gameplay perspective, what sets Venom apart, and it’s the first time that’s ever been done in pinball history, is with Insider Connected, it now can save your game progress. So, to take a step back, Insider Connected is kind of like Xbox Live but for pinball. So, once you log in on the bottom apron by the flippers, it recognizes you. It keeps your stats, you got your high scores, how many times you played, and you earn achievements, but with Venom saves your game progress, which has never been done.

Normally when you play a pinball machine, you play three balls, the game’s over, next time you start, you’re back to level one or level zero. Now, it remembers what level you are, so you could be six years old, play a hundred games, and you can get to the end wizard mode; it’s a good way to just keep the progression going and really explore and unlock what’s inside the machine.

I’m excited about trying out this new feature when Venom comes to an arcade nearby, but it’s going to have me checking first to make sure the owner/business has Insider Connected registered on the network.

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