Study with 270 Portuguese Highly Engaged Gamers Finds They Don’t Thrive on Energy Drink and Avoid Physical Exercise

By Todd Russell Oct2,2023

Put me in the group that says you can slant a study however you want. Get a small focused group, slant the data in a direction, publish that it’s some kind of scientific revelation. So, take this study with a big grain of salt that proclaims: Highly engaged gamers display healthy physical and nutritional habits, study finds

“Gaming can be a hobby and not all players are addicted to it,” Cardoso and co-author Catarina Matias told PsyPost in a joint statement. “Also, much is said and assumed about gamers’ habits regarding sleep, snacking intake and physical activity patterns. Most of those assumptions are not true, at least for Portuguese gamers, as you can verify in this study. So, especially considering that our study focuses on highly engaged players, a very simple message to take home is: players seem to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

What do you think of this study? Are you a “highly engaged gamer”? Sure you are!

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