Steam Best Feature for Those with Good Internet Connection? Remote Play

By Todd Russell Apr9,2024

Want to play a Steam game with a friend on Steam/PC without them having to buy it? Totally legit and supported by many developers, but not available on every single game, unfortunately.

On Sunday’s, PGM Member Gamer_Nix has been hosting game sessions in our Discord — appropriately titled Sunday Funday! — and wanted to whip up a how-to reference page for Remote Play to remind him and others in the group of this very cool Steam feature that more developers should embrace.

If you own a game and have a good connection, be sure to remember Steam’s best feature, in this author’s opinion: Remote Play ( There is also a Remote Play Hub listed here:

It’s literally a way to have a friend over to play remotely. Depending on the implementation by the developer and, again, your internet connection (a strong internet connection for the game host is required), it is a great way to share a game with one or more friends without them having to buy the game to play, also.

Steam has a really informative page, linked above, below, and pictured atop this post, which explains exactly how Remote Play works, and it’s one of those features to look for when looking for games to play with your friends(or they own and invite you to play Remote Play enabled games they own!).

When you play a game using Remote Play, video and audio are sent from your gaming PC to another device. Remote input and multiplayer voice are sent back to the gaming PC, all within milliseconds.

Steam Remote Play (

As of this writing, there are over 11,000 games listed on Steam with Remote Play. You can find the category search here (category 44!):

From the Remote Play hub they break up into nicely formatted Remote Play categories as follows:

There’s so much going on at Steam’s website it can be overwhelming at times, but the next time you’re there and if interested in playing with friend(s), look for Remote Play!

Bookmark and share this page as a quick reference, if you like for Steam Remote Play.

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