Skee-ball Rage in NJ Arcade: Woman Hits Child With Wild Skee-ball Throw

By Todd Russell Aug21,2023

Just when you think you’ve heard of every kind of ignorant thing to do at an arcade, comes a woman getting angry about something and throwing a skeeball and hitting a child. Wish I was joking, as this appears to be what happened … via

The Cape May Police Department released a video and a statement to Facebook asking for the public’s help in identifying the woman seen chucking the wooden, baseball-size ball at the child after getting into an argument with a man. “She was involved in a disagreement with another patron of the arcade. As a result, she throws a Skeeball at the other party that ends up striking a child in the back of the head,” cops said.

I hope the child is OK. Those skeeballs are heavy and quite dangerous. If the lady intended to hit the person she was arguing with, it sounds like she has worse aim than UFC fighter Conor Mcgregor throwing out this opening pitch:

Truly bizarre. First I’ve heard of this kind of arcade rage. Maybe she didn’t win enough tickets for that $500 stuffed animal and was taking it out on other patrons? Again, hope the child was OK, nobody of any age deserves to get injured like this anywhere, especially in an arcade.

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