POOSH XL Free Update Adds New TATE Mode, Features, Leaderboard

By Todd Russell Feb3,2024

On 2/1/2024 in the Discord PGM member MCAP’s Corner Arcade shared the following:

poosh update ———–
Patch Notes: Poosh XL Can now be played in tall “portrait” resolutions (turn off fullscreen and resize anywhere from 32:9 to 9:21) This was quite the undertaking but dramatically changes how the game can be played.

NEW FEATURE – Holding the Poosh button for a second will now give an extended angle with a slightly slower rotation. The power is capped for these shots. This hopefully will allow you to get out of a tight spot occasionally and adds additional accessibility to the game.

The leaderboards now have a title for what the currently displayed leaderboard is (how’d i miss this?) The players death spot has an additional outline to show the exact location of the players collider at time of death Added an additional double check for achievements on round end to hopefully clear up any missing achievements for folks The rear barrier in survival raises slightly slower now Enemy 03 (the red see saws) now have longer highlight beams A minor effect has been added for when the player nearly hits something Added more useful tutorial instructions PC/Linux/Mac Share button now just copies a string to clipboard instead of opening to Twitter Adjusted bomb radius to clear more screen

May sound like a broken record on some things, but one of my hot button issues is games that have updates that change gameplay and not resetting the leaderboards. This is my open plea to all developers with games with leaderboards.

Originally when the developer pushed out these changes, no new leaderboard was added, but upon reflection and feedback from other gamers, he has added one:

Accordingly, we have added a second POOSH XL to our PGM leaderboard to score chase this “new” mode. It’s an intriguing free mod added to an existing game that’s already priced regularly under $5.

Check out this new orientation mode and get back to me. It’s a pretty interesting and unique game mode that won’t fit most games, but it really fits this one. What do you think of game updates adding new modes like this?

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