Play Coleco Electronic Football Handheld in Browser

By Todd Russell Dec30,2023

This is cool, fun and couldn’t wait to share with others that love those old handheld games.

Not as cool as playing the real thing, holding it in your hands, working those buttons, but I fondly remember playing the heck out of Coleco’s sports handhelds. They had football (1978) and baseball. I liked football the most.

Earlier today, we were talking about the old Electronic Quarterback handheld and I did a quick search to see if this had been emulated online.

Sure enough, Internet Archive has a handheld games emulation area where you can play 60+ handheld games here:

Coleco’s Electronic Quarterback pictured (below) can be played in your browser for free here: Definitely going to send this to elite gamer Vader4633, as he mentioned liking this game also.

CONTROLS (keyboard):

Display: 1
Select: 5
Movement: Arrow Keys
Kick/Pass: Left CTRL Key

Want to buy a real one of these? Check around, they can be purchased on eBay and other sites.

Get your red dot football action on. We’ll see you in the end zone!

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One thought on “Play Coleco Electronic Football Handheld in Browser”
  1. Omg, some of these are a trip. Speak and Spell! Seriously… and Ms. Packman, and some other things I ain’t ever seen, like Pair Match. Though thinking more about it, perhaps I have seen that?. Either way, what a boon – mini-treasure trove of 60 some-odd games. Zack Man and Pac-Man look wicked cool too btw. Great find!

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