PAX West 2023 Seattle Friday Sept 1 – Monday Sept 4, 2023 – Online Coverage, Sales, Streams, More

By Todd Russell Sep2,2023

Straight from the better late than never department comes … PAX West 2023 details, links and more gathered in this article. Yes, yes, I spaced out this even and it’s in our freaking backyard — literally.

Most PGM Members know I live near Seattle. It’s been maybe 10 years since we last attended a PAX (Penny Arcade Expo). Proabaly goonna miss attending again in 2023, but that won’t stop me from checking out the great online coverage for the event at Steam here:

For those that live in the area reading, single day tickets are $71 for PAX and they have this bring your own computer pass for an additional $55, which can be purchased online here:

The PAX Live events schedule is here:

If you don’t live nearby, but are interested in any PAX-related game specials, three is a PAX special collection page on Steam located here:

From the homepage, here is the PAX deals page, which shares all the PAX West 2023 deals:

As far as streaming video goes, PAX has their own official Twitch stream here: As of this writing, Saturday morning, I don’t see anything from PAX Twitch live, just a 12+ hour VOD from yesterday. Here’s the PAX West 2023 Q&A VOD (44 min), which might be of interest:

On the PAX West 2023 Steam page, there are live game stream vids, and we can watch various games being streamed and talked about. Boti: Botland is being streamed here as of this writing:

There is a TON of gaming-related goodness at PAX West 2023 to sift through. Might want to bookmark this page and checkback for additional details. Feel free to use the comments to share anything PAX West 2023 related that you are enjoying (or not).

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