OPINION: Blockchain Crypto Gaming Seems Messy, Risky and Unnecessary

Things are not looking good in the crypto space at the moment. You already know this if you are following the non-gaming news finance scene. But this article isn’t about Bitcoin losing over 5% of its value, it’s about, well, that blockchain gaming scene.

Being open to all types of games, is important to me. I have pretty much avoided all forms of crypto as it relates to investing. It’s not helped by stories like this one, where a lady had a mortgage-free home, $500,000 in the bank and zero credit card debt and her husband committed financial infidelity, propelling them toward bankruptcy.

Rebolledo still isn’t sure how her husband managed to spend all their money. But she said … she thinks he might have lost it by investing in [crypto].

‘I’m contemplating bankruptcy.’ This Florida woman had $500,000 in the bank, a mortgage-free home and no debt. Now, she’s totally broke — all because of her husband’s financial infidelity (yahoo.com)

Crypto isn’t something I’ve been interested in for a variety of reasons, and the 2023 scandal surrounding FTX makes it even less interesting, but we are about games here, not finance, unless that finance stuff intersects with gaming.

Enter blockchain gaming.

Still a bit unsure after reading the definition above what blockchain gaming is? Yeah, that’s my problem. It just seems like a bunch of things and somehow crypto is mixed in it and one keeps asking: is it all necessary? Yes, I realize it allows developers to monetize their games in creative ways.

Note: the “seems” in the title. That is important because this author’s experience with blockchain gaming is extremely limited. I bought under $100 USD worth of ETH to use for gaming, and have spent very little of it to date. I looked around at 1 what Atari was doing, thought it kind of reminded me of early Second Life, but didn’t spend any of the money playing anything at the time.

This article, Why So Many Crypto Games Are Switching Chains—Or Calling it Quits, does a good job summarizing the activity of blockchain crypto gaming:

“After launching in 2022, we slowly felt the market uncertainty and anxieties with the whole SBF and CZ fiasco. We also saw Binance being under fire in other markets. We felt it was too ‘centralized’ and didn’t want our game’s future to be beholden to such drama,” the CMO shared.

Fernandez added that Polygon was chosen ultimately because the team believes it’s more decentralized—and saw an opportunity to connect with many other Philippines-based games using the Ethereum sidechain.

Blockchain gaming is not popular with many gamers I know and whenever the subject comes up, rare as it is, the words describing it are usually negative. The following article details either pending or current lawbreakers in the crypto space, having almost a wanted poster like they used to have in the wild west: Crypto Kings dethroned as crackdown sweeps away old guard

Am sure like just about anything, there are positive aspects to it, which is why I’ve written this article. Am hoping some that are more in the space, into blockchain gaming, might explain what and how it benefits gamers? What blockchain games are fun to play and not mess, risky and unnecessary?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The comments area below is not intended for “buy crypto” spam (it will be deleted and blocked before ever appearing, so don’t bother), and this post isn’t meant to be a haven for SEO for crypto, it’s exactly what I described in the paragraph above: an opportunity to discuss the positive aspects of blockchain gaming, if any.

Are there?

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One thought on “OPINION: Blockchain Crypto Gaming Seems Messy, Risky and Unnecessary”
  1. Hi Todd!

    I’m unsure if Lust Goddess fails under Crpto Gaming. I’m having alot of fun with but this game but are very aggressive with pop-up buy to win in games items. Some of these bundles cost hundreds of dollars which is totally insane. I’ve spent maybe $20 so far for a few more in game crates and the small $5 monthly gems for earning gems. Your thoughts on this??

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