New This Week Game Releases (NTWIG) 4/29 – 5/5/2024

By Todd Russell Apr30,2024

It’s that time of the week again to check for noteworthy game releases for PC/Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch via Metacritic. We also discuss these games live on the High Noon with Hollywood Polo stream at noon Tuesdays PST (GMT-8) here: including commentary from other PGM members, wishlist interest and more.

Braid Anniversary Edition

April 30 – PC, PS5/PS4, XBOX, XBOX 1, MOBILE

Control the flow of time to solve puzzles in this new version of the indie classic, featuring fully repainted artwork, a new world of puzzles, and seriously in-depth commentary.

Save 50% on Braid, Anniversary Edition on Steam (

Single Player
Steam Achievements
Remote Play on TV

Interest level: 3/10
Plan to buy at launch: No
Wishlist: No

Front Mission 2: Remake

April 30 – PC, PS5/PS4, XBOX, XBOX 1

FRONT MISSION 2: Remake preserves the mature story, strategic turn-based combat, and Wanzer customization options of the original.

Single Player
Steam Achievements

Interest level: 1/10
Plan to buy at launch: No
Wishlist: No

Sea of Thieves

April 30 – PS5 (already available on PC)

Sea of Thieves is a smash-hit pirate adventure game, offering the quintessential pirate experience of plundering lost treasures, intense battles, vanquishing sea monsters and more. Dive in with this revised edition of the game, which includes access to digital bonus media.


May 2 – PC, PS5, XBOX

Play a third-person, story-driven game set in alternative Russia at the turn of the XIX century where religious visions clash with harsh reality. INDIKA tells the story of a young nun who sets off on a journey of self-discovery with the most unusual companion by her side, the devil himself.

INDIKA on Steam (

Single Player

Interest level: 1/10
Plan to buy at launch: No
Wishlist: No

MotoGP 24


Rev up your engines, MotoGP™24 is back! Dive into the heart-pounding action of the 2024 season and immerse yourself in the thrills of unexplored landscapes, all thanks to the revolutionary Riders market!

MotoGP™24 on Steam (

Single Player
Online PVP
Shared/Split Screen PVP
Shared/Split Screen Co-op
Steam Achievements

Interest level: 5/10
Plan to buy at launch: No
Wishlist: No

Cyber Cititzen Shockman 3: The Princess from Another World


Originally released in 1992, Cyber Citizen Shockman 3: The princess from another world brings another blast from the past!

After Sonya wins a big prize in the lottery, she and Arnold travel to a tropical southern island to enjoy some well-deserved holidays.

However, paradise soon turns into hell when a strange spaceship appears all of a sudden and starts attacking the city.

Unable to just sit around and do nothing while chaos unfolds, Arnold and Sonya transform into Shockman and head to battle this new mysterious enemy!

Did you play this game in 1992 or ever since? Let us know in the comments.


This week the easy answer seems like Sea of Thieves being added to PS5. I’m drawn to pirate games and need to revisit that one on PC. Played it on Game Pass a little bit. Braid is one I already own and it didn’t grab me quite as hoped for, but maybe will give that another shot someday. Motorcycle games are a racing subset I’m interested in and feel like I’ve played at least one of the MotoGP’s in the past. All in all, this week has some promise, but no titles jumping out at me saying “buy this now!” What about you?

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