New This Week Game Releases (NTWIG) 4/1 – 4/7/2024

By Todd Russell Apr2,2024

It’s that time of the week again to check for noteworthy game releases for PC/Steam, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch via Metacritic. We also discuss these games live on the High Noon with Hollywood Polo stream at noon Tuesdays PST (GMT-8) here: including commentary from other PGM members, wishlist interest and more.

Withering Rooms

Withering Rooms is a challenging 2.5D horror RPG set in a procedurally generated Victorian mansion that changes each night. Explore Mostyn House to collect the perfect items for your build and face a huge cast of overgrown undead, invisible ghosts, devious witches, and more.

Withering Rooms on Steam (

Available April 2 on PC, PS5, XBOX
Single Player
Steam Achievements
Steam Trading Cards

Interest level: 1/10
Plan to buy at launch: No
Wishlist: No

Tengoku Struggle: Strayside


From the team that created Olympia Soirée comes a comedic battle fantasy set in a place where the living and the dead mingle, and sinners are pitted against each other in eternal battle.

Turbo Golf Racing

An action-packed fusion of racing and golf. Traverse across a diverse range of courses, using your car to skillfully putt your ball in the hole. Face off against 7 opponents in Race mode, make every shot count in golf mode, or test your skills against the clock in Time Trials.

Turbo Golf Racing on Steam (

Available April 4 on PC, PS5, XBOX, XBOX ONE
Single Player
Online PVP
Cross Platform Multiplayer
Steam Achievements

Interest level: 3/10
Plan to buy at launch: No
Wishlist: No

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One thought on “New This Week Game Releases (NTWIG) 4/1 – 4/7/2024”
  1. Todd I agree with you ratings on the upcoming games. However I don’t see your rating for Tengoku Struggle: Strayside on Switch. Is this a 1/10 as well?

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