My Wife Wants WICKED TUNA!

By Todd Russell Aug19,2023

No, really, seriously, my wife has told me several times now after playing Wicked Tuna, that she wants it. I’m a huge fishing games fan myself, and this seems like the type of bada$$ game to have in the home arcade.

65″ screen, two fishing rods with haptic feedback, turn and pull giving you the authentic feel of reeling in that giant fish.

The link to for Wicked Tuna:

Yes, I’ve begun the research process for this unique arcade fishing game that we played recently at Next Level Pinball Museum. They have the 2-player version. As you can see, the cose is around $10,000, and am assuming there would be sales tax added, so that brings the price up to roughly $11,000. This is also a ticket recemption game, but of course in the home arcade you don’t need no stinking tickets.

Am checking with a local amusement games distributor that is located about 15 miles away to see if they carry Wicked Tuna in stock. They replied via email and refused to let me pick up at their Kent warehouse, they want me to pick up from Dallas or pay freight to drop ship to us directly. Kinda bummed and disappointed by that response. Also, the salesman sent me a list of machines they don’t have with “NO ETA” listed. This is one weird way to sell!

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