iScored Developer Adds Admin Notification Email Alert for Submitted Scores

By Todd Russell Aug26,2023

An exciting update for those who use the iScored program. We have multiple licenses in use at our PlayGamesMore group. Thanks to PGM Member Ed209 for the tip on this one.

Per the screenshot, iScored admins can add up to 5 emails to auto-notify when a new score is submitted. We have this feature activated for the PGM iScored archives, but not as of this writing on the main iScored. Brady and I will discuss this on the kickoff show Saturday September 9, 2023 at 7am PST.

This makes using iScored for sharing global high scores even a more viable option, especially for those not as familiar with scripting their own table, web page and database. If you have the chops, you can roll your own or if, like me, you’re just too code lazy to do the work, developer Pez Johnson is doing the “dirty work” (that’s sarcasm, in case it doesn’t translate to text).

Visit and score chase along with our group at the PlayGamesMore iScored here:

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