Humpday Wednesday #35 Stern Jaws Premium + FX Tournament (UPDATED)

By Todd Russell Mar20,2024

This week’s Humpday Wednesday live from alternate location (kid’s house!):

  • Unpacking of Stern Pinball Jaws Premium (pre-recorded + live commentary)
  • Live Jaws Premium Pinball play (maybe – having some issues with some cabling for the 4K camera)
  • A description of the first week of my son’s first new in box (NIB) Stern pinball, 500+ plays
  • New FX Tournament launched (see below for details)
  • Alan-1 Avian Knights on Steam — UPDATE: did not cover on the stream as planned
  • This week’s new games (NTWIG) PC + consoles

PGM Weekly FX Tournament #18: Pasha
play guide:

Note: this tournament table will be launched live during the Twitch stream Wednesday 3/20/2024 and the tournament will end Wednesday 3/27/2024 during the Humpday Wednesday Twitch stream around 7am PST.

Password: PGM
Search ID#: GQXF
3 minutes timed / unlimited attempts

FX Tournament History – classic rules, unlimited plays, unless otherwise noted

Humpday Wednesday #18 – FX Tournament #1: Twilight Zone
#19 – FX #2: Monster Bash
#20 – FX #3: Star Trek The Next Generation
#21 – FX #4: Attack From Mars
#22 – FX #5: Jurassic Park
#23 – FX #6: Charlie Brown’s Christmas
#24 – FX #7: Jaws
#25 – FX #8: Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
#26 – FX #9: No Good Gofers
#27 – FX #10: Exploding Kittens
#28 – FX #11: Godzilla vs. Kong
#29 – FX #12: The Getaway
#30 – FX #13: Medieval Madness
#31 – FX #14: White Water
#32 – FX #15: Son of Zeus – 3 minutes, 7 plays max
#33 – FX #16: Castle Storm – 3 minutes, 7 plays max
#34 – FX #17: Adventure Land – 3 minutes, 7 plays max
#35 – FX #18 (this week): Pasha – 3 minutes, unlimited attempts

Simply search for ‘Humpday Wednesday‘ and you can view all prior Humpday Wednesdays to date.

On launch day, January 4, Stern announced their first new pinball machine of 2024, Jaws. My son decided to order a Premium and it was delivered by one of our local vendors, Candyman, new in box on Wednesday 3/13/2024.

We caught the unboxing on video, first time setup and play.

Every day this past week, we’ve logged the experiences and share on the stream tomorrow in detail as well as hopefully be playing some Jaws Premium pinball live on stream.

On Tuesday’s High Noon with Hollywood Polo show, we didn’t cover the new games this week on PC and consoles, so we’ll cover that as well, the list is here: New This Week Game Releases (NTWIG) 3/18 – 3/24/2024 – PlayGamesMore

Also, we’ll look at the Alan-1 Joust-like game Avian Knights.

Battle it out with your friends or compete for the title of Grand World Champion in Avian Knights, the crazy game of mounted mayhem combat! Featuring an 8-player competitive arena mode, a classic arcade co-op mode, and tons of weapons and power-ups, there’s plenty of ways to play!

Avian Knights on Steam (

Alan-1, the company, will be covered more in-depth in an article tomorrow, Thursday 3/20/2024, along with their announced partnership with Atari to make arcade cabs based on Atari Recharged games.

The live stream is scheduled to start at 6am PST (GMT-8) at — hope to see all that can stop on by and have fun! Be sure to say hello in the chat 🙂

UPDATE 3/20/2024 @ 6:49pm PST: We did not cover Avian Knights on the stream, but I did buy it and checked it out a bit on the Steam Deck tonight.

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