How many of the 15 Worst Game Consoles, according to Den Of Geek, have you played?

Game-related lists are fun to poke around at. Some of the 15 worst video game consoles ranked by Den Of Geek below we still own (**), some have played but don’t own (*) and about half have never played.

**15. Sega 32X – owned

**14. Atari Jaguar – owned

*13. Nokia N-Gage – played, never owned, not a fan

*12.Nintendo Virtual Boy – played, never owned, it was a gimmicky machine that gave dead red headaches, but was one of the first 3D game systems.

11. SouljaGame – never even heard of this portable games machine from 2018.

*10. Phillips CD-i – played, never owned, somewhat fan, only the LaserDisc games (see full list of CD-i games here), but like the 3DO, which we still own and has several great games, it was too darn expensive.

9. Commodore 64 Game System – never played, never owned, have vague recollection this existed. I owned and played games on a C-64 computer (also a VIC-20) and really liked that. Sad to see this on this list, but am guessing when this came out it was overshadowed by much better consoles at the time.

8. Casio PV-1000 – never played, never owned, this was a Japan-only release with 13 games. I don’t remember anything about this, either.

7. Tiger Gizmondo – played, never owned, not a fan

**6. Game Wave Family Entertainment System – owned, it’s actually a not-too-bad system for playing trivia games with friends and family on the TV.

5. Apple Bandai Pippin – never played, never owned, do remember a little buzz around it, but never that interested

4. Gakken Compact Vision TV Boy – never owned, never played, no interest

**3. VM Labs Nuon – owned, the drawbacks on this are the controllers are hard to find reasonably priced and not many games, but they have Tempest 3000 by Jeff Minter. For that reason alone, this console is somewhat noteworthy.

2. Tandy Memorex Video Information System – never owned, never played

1 – WORST – Mattel Hyperscan – never owned, never played

How many of these videogame consoles have you owned? How many do you still own, if any? How many have you played? Share in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “How many of the 15 Worst Game Consoles, according to Den Of Geek, have you played?”
  1. 2. Virtual Boy and N-Gage. Have 2 VB games in my Launchbox setup. Could t tell you last time ever touched them. It was fun at the time, in short bursts.

    1. Only one on the list is the 32x which I still have along with the sega cd attachment for the Genesis.

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