How Many 100 Percentile Stern Pinball Games Have You Achieved?

By Todd Russell Mar14,2024

Would you like to know how your highest score compares against all other players on the Stern Insider Connected network? Let’s learn how.

One interesting Stern Pinball Insider Connected stat that you might not have seen is called the “percentile” and located under every game page. The Spike 2 Stern Pinball machine main games area is located here: and is also available in the Stern Insider Connected app from your mobile phone.

This stat tells how your highest rank against other players on a game, or as explained when clicking on the “i” under any game.

For those score chasing, or just wanting to improve your skill on a machine, try to increase your percentile rank.

Of the 23 Spike 2 Stern Pinball machines as of this writing, I’m in the 100 percentile on two machines:

Deadpool Pro

Iron Maiden Premium

Now that you know what a “100 percentile” high score on a game is, how many Stern Pinball games do you have in this small gaming group? What’s your highest percentile group and which game is it? The comments area awaits your responses.

There are actually more 100-percentile opportunities than 23, because IC breaks out pro, premium and LE pinball machine scores, as shown in the Iron Maiden picture above. So, if you have access on location or in home use (HUO), see how many you can collect. A neat, and somewhat unexplored IC stat you may not have realized what it was for and meant. Share your results.

UPDATE 4/5/2024 @ 8:50pm PST: Jaws Premium has become my third 100 percentile Stern Spike 2 pin:

This 818,145,230 was scored on the last day of March at my son’s house on his Jaws Premium pin:

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3 thoughts on “How Many 100 Percentile Stern Pinball Games Have You Achieved?”
  1. I’ve only had 25 plays logged in insider, and the table with the highest percentage is Avengers: Infinity Quest with 85%.

    1. 85% is good for only 25 plays 🙂 Am noticing more IC-connected machines are popping up, at least in our area. Hope this trend continues as it will make it easier to play IC games.

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