Good, Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzeneggar are Done with Terminator Movies, but James Cameron Isn’t

By Todd Russell Apr18,2024

No, legendary director, James Cameron, is not done with Terminator.

Whether it’s his massive cinematic ego or a true desire to tell (at least) one more Terminator story, Cameron says he’s working on another script, this one focusing more on the AI-angle and not killer robots from the future.

And speaking of AI, fans of the original prints of the film have not been happy that AI-upscalers being used to create 4K UHD versions of Cameron’s film. Does that include a 4K UHD upscaled version of Terminator coming in October 2024 for the 40th anniversary?

Whether or not fans are annoyed by adding details to scenes, we need to credit Cameron for his commitment to physical media.

According to recent interviews, Cameron’s decision to up it to 4K UHD on film appears to be twofold. The first is not solely relying on digital versions because, well, technology happens. Digital copies get corrupted, degraded, mismanaged, or just lost, so having physical and digital masters can ensure the longevity of the film for fans to pass on from generation to generation.

The Terminator Fans Are Terrified Of New 4K Upgrade Because Of James Cameron | GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

AI aside, let’s talk potential human actors involved in the next Terminator film.

Both Sarah Connor played by Cameron’s ex-wife, Linda Hamilton and epic bodybuilder-actor-governator, Arnold Schwazeneggar both say they are done with the Terminator franchise.

“I’m done. I’m done. I have nothing more to say. The story’s been told, and it’s been done to death,” she explained.

Hamilton added: “Why anybody would relaunch it is a mystery to me. But I know our Hollywood world is built on relaunches right now.”

Linda Hamilton says she wouldn’t star in a ‘Terminator’ reboot: ‘It’s been done to death’ (

Hamilton may not care that Cameron wants to do another or doubts his magic. Whichever the case, he needs to do much more than write a script about another robots hunting importing humans story, he needs to get back in the director’s chair. When or if that might happen is a mystery, because it seems he’s fused at the hip to making a bunch of Avatar sequels. He could very well owe body parts to the House of Mouse if he doesn’t keep milking the Avatar cow.

Seriously, a story about AI and how it all goes wrong could make for a great movie. As long as he stops at the killer robots part. Make it more thriller, than sci-fi horror. As much as I want to doubt Cameron’s ability to pull this type of movie off, his history of filmmaking — when he’s the director — can’t be denied.

Ok, well, if we count out that awful first movie he directed, the piranha sequel that he disavows.

Oh, and the absolute travesty that was Terminator: Dark Fate. It’s shameful there never was a good sequel following T2, but it might just be that T2 had the perfect ending. It’s like where do you go with a sequel to Titanic?

You don’t.

Cameron is going to have to erase viewer’s minds of those first two Terminator movies, which even for a cinematic powerhouse like him could be too high a hurdle to clear.

Then again, if he both writes and directs another Terminator that does not involve Sarah Connor, the T-800 and (gasp) John freaking Connor? Maybe.

Personally, I’d opt for the most logical two uses for AI. One we’ve already been using forever: it’s gaming AI (bet you were wondering where gaming would come into this article!). The second is companionship, which has explored in science fiction movies to death. Elon Musk is parading his creepy robots around, chasing the dream to have them do dishes for us and other “menial” every day tasks so we have more time to enjoy life.

Yes, gaming gone bad. Maye some kind of mix of Tron and Terminator … an MCP-type villain where humans get pulled in. Wait, wait, that is the plot of Tron. Or maybe the story is some giant game store entrusts AI to take over and it penetrates game worlds, creating some sort of massive human unrest among gamers.

Neither of these ideas sound great, but this is how ideas get workshopped in the brain. You start with something wild, then you trim it back, build upon it, bring it to as much realism as possible. Cameron can do this. He’s good at it. But again, he needs to direct his vision, not put that in the hands of another director.

Whatever Cameron does, I think he’d be smarter not to call his working script a Terminator movie. It’s just way too much movie baggage at this point. It’s like inviting your ex-wife to your Valentine’s Day date night with your new wife.

Do you want to see another Terminator movie? How about more/better Terminator games? I think this is something I’d like to see much more than any more Terminator movies. Not completely AI-generated, or so we hope.

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  1. I don’t necessarily want to see another Terminator movie, but if it comes out I’m sure I will check it out.

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