For the Low Price of $3,250 You Can Read This Report On the Future Of Pinball 2023-2031 – OR … Use Common Sense And Guess Along With Us

By Todd Russell Jul28,2023

Relax, tongue firmly in cheek. Will admit being curious about the future of pinball and this OrbisResearch findings, but then made the mistake of clicking through to see how much it would cost to buy this report.

Before clicking out, perhaps chuckling or scoffing, check out the teaser article page here – and/or stay for the free predictions you know are coming: which name drops the current landscape of pinball companies like a pack of mosquitoes in a blood bag orgy:

No idea who OrbisResearch is, but they do have some high brow clients and according to ZoomInfo, they are located in India and have 147 employees as of this writing. They seem like no small time operation, that’s for sure. Certainly not just an old guy who loves pinball with a small group of friends that love to play games and chase scores. So, take what you will from this very obvious op-ed piece that was minimally researched .

Now, for real value fun, let’s make a few totally free predictions about where pinbal is going in the next 10 years and, health willing, we can look back in 2031 and see how correct this might be:

  • Greater reliance and use of AI to avoid paying talented, creative human beings – yes, this is an easy one and not even remotely cynical. Don’t think we’ll see the likes of Zombi Yeti out of work any time soon, but you can bet that more artwork on pinball machines will not be human-drawn 10 years from not than is the case in 2023. It will probably start out very subtle, with say DMD clips being AI-created, press and marketing, perhaps only part of the playfield art, but not the main playfield, until somebody completely AI’s a pinball: gameplay, artwork, sounds, you bet. I’d bet on this one happening and being a whole bunch of marketing around it being “the first AI pinball” — but if wrong I’ll gladly admit it. Companies just can’t resist saving $$ and making more profits, and if it’s at the expense of human talent, oh yes, you can bet greed will trump.
  • People will stop buying as many (NIB) pinball machines for their homes – sorry to rain on the parade of pinball profits from homeowner buyers, but there is no way there can/will be an increase in new pinball machines 10 years from where it is now. It might be around the same, if we’re being extremely optimistic, but people dropping ten grand for a single game in their home arcades, basements, garagecades, whatever seems like a game played mostly by the wealthy, not the average Joes and Janes in the world
  • Was a prediction missed? Do you have something to predict pinball-related in 2031? Pull out your Ouija boards, read the palms, drop by your favorite fortune teller, or use whatever other prognosticating tools are at your disposal in the comments below. Stand and be counted. It’s OK to be wrong. And laugh a little. Now go score chase some pins, we have dozens of them featured on our PGM iScored.

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