April 13 National Scrabble Day

By Todd Russell Apr13,2024

Forget Miller Time on April 13th every year, it’s Scrabble time!

April 13 is the day Scrabble inventor Alfred Mosher Butts was born. He gave the world an iconic board game now played all over the world. Today, more than seven decades later,  we live for “Triple Word Scores”! Not to mention, the strategic use of those mysterious blank tiles.

National Scrabble Day (nationaltoday.com)

For the first time in 75 years, Mattel are making a newer version of Scrabble, called Scrabble Together: Hasbro owns the distribution inside the United States and Canada, while Mattel owns the rights outside these countries.

“The makers of Scrabble found that younger people, Gen Z people, don’t quite like the competitive nature of Scrabble,” he said. “They want a game where you can simply enjoy language, words, being together and having fun creating words.”

In the new game, cards which provide help, prompts and clues can be selected to match the player’s chosen challenge level.

Scrabble: Mattel launches new version of game which is ‘less competitive’ (bbc.com)

Don’t own Scrabble the board game? It can be played online at:

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