Aerosmith (Stern Pro Tribute 2017)| Lord of the Rings Valinor Edition | The X-Files [Humpday Wednesday Pinball #4]

By Todd Russell Jul26,2023

Time for Humpday Wednesday Pinball #4 – of the virtual pinball variety today – at our PGM Twitch channel: live streaming from 6am – 10am PST (GMT-8) and each week we feature multiple tables to chase your personal best scores.

Here is the fun part, YOU can play, too. All you need is Virtual Pinball and sometimes Future Pinball software and the table files which are all free to download. There is a spreadsheet where we share where to acquire the necessary pinball table files linked on every page at this blog and also here: Be sure to use default settings for all tables, unless otherwise noted and make sure you’re playing the version listed in the yellow highlight at the top of our iScored leaderboard page. Then, simmply, play the game and try and beat your personal best. Once you’ve done so, share the score.

You can share on our PGM iScored here: — this is also listed on every page here at the PGM website. Once we see some scores and activity one of our PGM members will add you to our semi-private Discord where we score chase all kinds of different games: arcade games, modern Steam games, we stream games, play co-op and more. As of this writing we’re on summer break for the arcade/modern games Score Chasing, but that will resume starting Saturday September 9, 2023 and will tell you more about that as it gets nearer.

In the meantime, come to the live stream, share your virtual and/or real pinball adventures. Yes, we play real pinball, too. We have a Summer 2023 event happening where you can go out and find real pinball machines to play at surrounding businesses and score chase. We are a friendly group, open to all adult gamers at least 18 years of age. Please stop by the live Twitch stream and say hello to us. Now, let’s flip some pinball!

Prior Wednesday Humpday Pinball tables featured

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