Add Animation Flair to Stern Spike 2 Speakers with Pinsound Pinvision Coming Summer 2024

By Todd Russell Apr15,2024

Sure, it’s a $500 mod for the lifeless, boring — except LE — stock Spike 2 Stern Pinball speaker grills, but this Pinvision from Pinsound ( mod looks inviting — if you own one of the pins currently supported, anyway.

Yes, as future machines are supported, you can download the animation and use without buying a different model.

Designed as the ultimate speaker panel light mod, PINVISION incorporates 1440 Pixels RGB LED, creating a vibrant, responsive light show that syncs with your game.

PINVISION comes loaded with exclusive videos, effects, all designed to enhance the visual appeal of your Stern SPIKE 2 pinball machine.

PINVISION (Preorder Deposit) with Free Light Rings ( $500 USD

As of this writing, there are only three titles with animations created: Godzilla (pictured atop this article), Jurassic Park and Elvira’s House of Horrors.

Showed this to my son, that owns Jaws Premium and we’re both rooting for Jaws to be one of the supported machines this Summer 2024. Once you register a vote with your email address (clever or sneaky way to capture email address, you decide) the results are shown for all that have registered votes.

Again, as of this writing, Jaws is #3 on the list behind Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast and Stranger Things (#1). Foo Fighters and The Munsters (#5 — what?!) round out the top 5.

Prior to publishing, noted that Stranger Things is the newest addition. Every month they seem to be releasing another design, so May 1, 2024 we’ll know what the next will be … and so on.

What do you think of this speaker animated LED light mod? It looks better to me than simply accent lights. The stock Stern Pinball Pro and Premium speaker models need something more exciting. The LEs have good lighting. Let us know your interest level and/or reaction to Pinvision in the comments.

UPDATE 5/13/2024 @ 9:05am PST: It’s early yet, only about halfway through May, but Jaws seems to be leading the votes for the next Pinside Pinvision update, to be announced June 1, 2024:

UPDATE 5/17/2024 @ 9:49am PST: It’s official, Jaws is the fifth supported title. I went ahead and preordered for my son’s machine today:

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