$40/year Price Increase for Playstation Plus Premium Subscription to $159/year

By Todd Russell Sep17,2023

Image credit above: Forbes: Time To Cancel PlayStation Plus As Sony Quietly Raises Prices Through The Roof

Got the PS+ highest level subscription last year on special price deal around Cyber Monday. Hadn’t subscribed for a few years and, really, my fault, just didn’t play it enough to even justify half the price paid. Now with Sony raising the prices even more starting September 6, 2023, it made an even quicker, easier decision to cancel.

There are plenty of mad gaming customers over the price increase, but I’m not one of them. I’m feeling like my PS5 just hasn’t gotten the necessary love for really any subscription price. I’d rather put that money toward other games I’m going to play and/or play the games I already bought and haven’t played on the system. This is all subject to change, of course, because gaming habits/interests do change.

In fairness, Microsoft increased the cost of their Game Pass Ultimate to $16.99, but I won’t be paying any real $$ money $$ for that either, because I have amassed over 300,000 Bing Rewards points. This will leave our only gaming subscription service we’re actually paying real $ for as Antstream Arcade ($40/year), unless something else is added. I do want to try out some other services out there like Nvidia’s GE Force Now, and might take another peek at what Apple Arcade is up to (that was like $50/year).

What are your game subscription plans? Will you keep your PS+ subscription? Downgrade? Upgrade?

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